Build the best organisation on Star Citizen 🚀

Welcome new users to your Discord server

Setup an automated message that will be DMed to users, asking them to verify themselves.

Verify that users are in your organisation

Permissions are automatically adjusted through the /setup command!

Interactive Interface

StarVerify uses the greatest and latest Discord features and is constantly maintained.

  • Slash Commands
  • Dropdown Menus
  • Component Buttons
  • Hidden Message

Star Citizen Integrations

Authenticates new members to ensure they own the RSI account being used to /verify.

Find information on players with the /lookup command.

StarVerify will scan your organisation page on the RSI website and sync ranks and roles on your Discord Sever.

Create a channel to display member count for your org. Enabled this feature in settings.

Usage Process

StarVerify is simple and easy to use!



An admin first uses this command to connect Discord server with RSI organisation, verification role and channel is automatically created.



Server admins can configure the bot further with settings such as automatically setting user nicknames to their RSI handles.



Users must bind their RSI account and Discord account in order to verify.



Users receive a verified role if they are in the organisation specified by the Discord server admin.

Satisfied Organisations

Trusted by many

Trialed and tested by various organisations.